The lowest price is $20 per year, which is cheap, compared to TorGuard, which gives you a dedicated IP for $7.99 a MONTH. Simply put for this part of our review, VPNArea can’t bypass censorship. You can see that not every sever unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and so forth. When using the servers mentioned above, we managed to achieve great results. For example, we unblocked Netflix easily on the recommended server, while it didn’t work on other US servers.

vpnarea review

Even at $15 a year, VPNArea is one of the most economical VPN services out there as far as dedicated IP is concerned. Of course, the price of the additional dedicated IP will depend on which country you to sign up for. VPNArea allows its customers to augment their subscription packages. Users can know statistics such as the number of VPN servers in a particularly country and much more.

Setup Vpnarea Client

The iOS users can opt for OpenVPN Connect to install the service on their iOS devices. OpenVPN Connect is an extremely user-friendly open-source program that allows users to set it up and run it with minimal configuration. There are detailed guides available on the VPNArea website to help iOS users set up their OpenVPN Connect software. Likewise, the VPNArea Android app is also user-friendly and easy to operate. In addition, they have recently released a new line of applications that have more added features than the previous versions. The app has nearly all the features that you will find in the Windows client of VPNArea which is quite nice to see.

vpnarea review

From there, I gave up and went to my desktop computer to install it there. I was able to follow the instructions and properly install the program and I even got it up and running! Another great feature the AreaVPN offers is a free dedicated IP and server at no charge. You have a handful of countries to choose from for your server and, though they’re only available for a few months, it is free. Most people wouldn’t need that option but it is definitely nice to know that if you did need a dedicated IP address and server it would be available to you. VPNArea is a no-logs service that provides access to servers worldwide.

Alternatives To Vpnarea

If you want to do more with VPNArea, you’ll need to click the Show Dashboard button. This opens a new and painfully overwhelming window where you can get more information about server speed, type of connection , DNS tools, and much more. A speed test tool gives you a bit more information about server performance, but requires a bit of heavy lifting on the part of you, the user. At first, you’ll see a fairly modern looking window that seems friendly enough, if a bit pixelated.

VPNSecure being one of the most prominent services in the VPN industry providing aggressive features for its users in a very affordable price. The vast range of Servers and ‘ZeroLog’ policy makes it a key player in the market. Private Internet Access is an anonymous VPN service provider with largest number of server spread across the globe. Online users’ who wish to protect their privacy and mask their original identity or wishes to unblock censorship Read More… The thing is, unlike regular page loading, file or other big-scale data download goes on for a long time. If during that time a failure happens either in your network or on the VPN server, the protected connection will turn into a regular one that very moment.

Is Pia VPN worth?

The Bottom Line

Private Internet Access offers a robust VPN service with advanced network settings, an excellent app interface, and strong speed test scores. It boasts features beyond VPN protection, but it needs to undergo a third-party audit.

Despite this, there is a 30-day money-back guaranteethat allows users to claim back their money if they are unsatisfied with the service. I’m impressed by how their customer support quality has improved since 2017. Also, they have social media pages and take questions from there. VPNArea offers a range of VPN downloads for many different devices including both IOS and Android, as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, and various routers.

Vpnarea Final Verdict

Also, torrenting can be dangerous and may compromise users’ privacy. Anyone downloading or uploading the same file is called a peer, and collectively they are known as a swarm. Torrenting is convenient, fast, and allows users to get any kind of online file for free. They can get books, movies, TV shows, music, and so much more with a push of a button.

If you enable VPNArea Anti-DNS leak system then you can essentially prevent your ISP from listening in whenever you go online and do your stuff. Because your computer machine has to use the DNS servers of your ISP to convert hostnames, that is URLs, to an IP. But a typical VPN service doesn’t block ISPs from knowing the exact names of the websites that a user goes to.

Who owns NordVPN?

NordVPN is owned by Tefincom S.A., a company registered in Panama. It is, therefore, subject to the laws of that country. But, what this also means for users is that it’s not under the pesky and watchful eyes of a 14-eyes country.

Netflix assigns specific catalogs of content for each country. For example, viewers in the UK get a lot of different content from those in the United States . In other words, despite having several streaming channels, not everyone can get a hold of them. This is called geo-blocking – a technology used to restrict access based on location, which is mainly applied for copyright reasons. We saw other negative comments bashing the VPN provider, but we don’t agree. Everything said about the iOS app is wrong, the user commenting is operating an old app and judging the service upon it.

Vpnghost Review 2016

That’s not a very big number and for this price, we expected a lot more. If you want a 3-year plan, we suggest CyberGhost, which costs $2.75 a month and you get 2 months free. For a one-year plan, there aren’t many options at this price.

Is proxy the same as IP address?

If you look up the word proxy, you’ll see that it simply means a “substitute who stands in for or represents another.” In the Internet world, a proxy is an IP address that you can use as you go on the Internet that also shields your actual IP address at that time.

They make you approve a recurring payment , while saying 1 month on the page. Once payment is complete PayPal sends you an email notification to revise your subscription upon signing up. Then on the PayPal payment page it clearly says you are agreeing to a subscription and you can not continue unless you have agreed. We are sorry to see a customer disappointed, but we hope at least your VPN experience was to your satisfaction, as you did not request a refund during the first cycle. The details of your subscription are clearly stated on three different places during the payment process and you also get an email notification about it.

Does Vpnarea Offer Leak Protection?

There’s also an “Auto IP Changer” feature that will automatically switch your IP address however often you’d like . When you compare that number to some other networks like ExpressVPN (2000+) or PIA (3000+), it’s not very big. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. VPNArea is a small, Bulgarian-based VPN company that was founded in 2012. It’s owned by an off-shore company called Offshore Security EOOD. Killswitch will protect your IP in case of VPN disconnection.

However, the process isn’t very straightforward, especially for novice users. The provider should mark the servers that work with specific streaming channels. That was an easy task back in the day, but now, everything changed since BBC now applies VPN blocks. Top providers, we’ve evaluated in the past managed to unblock the channel. However, VPNArea didn’t make the list, at least during the first couple of tries. We kept getting the same error message over and over again.

If we’re talking about technical aspects of VPNArea then know that it offers both the OpenVPN and PPTP VPN protocols. VPNArea, on the other hand, has not yet been labeled buy tomochain as a VPN service that messes around with user data. Our VPN experience tells us that it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to VPN services.

Cant See Your Question? Ask To Get Answers From The Vpnarea Staff And Other Customers

When it comes to selecting a VPN, some of the prominent things that come to any potential buyer’s mind are servers, no logs and security. No doubt, quality in these and other relative aspects of a VPN shows that it is at the epitome of excellence. There were plenty of options to choose from but I chose Windows as that is what I have my computer running.

However, for now, without something with a little more flair, it sits at a B grade. There are also a few Double VPN and Stunnel servers available. We’ll look at these in more detail in the “security” section, but in short, both of these server types add an additional layer of protection to your connection. The final thing worth noting that VPNArea offers are some specialized servers. One of these dedicated server types is for streaming, which we’ll talk more about in the “streaming” section shortly. Having so many supported connections allows you to protect many of your devices using a single subscription.

Is VPNArea safe?

Is VPNArea safe? Yes. VPNArea has advanced security features such as military-grade 256-bit encryption, double VPN, Stunnel servers, kill switch, and a malware/ad blocker.

That’s a bit lower than the average price for a VPN service on a per-month basis, but there are more affordable options. VPNArea plans can be purchased with a credit card, PayPal, or BitCoin binance is it down transaction, or with prepaid gift cards from other merchants, such as Subway sandwich shops. By the same token, you can connect to a far-flung VPN server to spoof your location.

I was able to install it on my Lenovo ThinkPad T460s laptop running Windows 10, but the app has a Janus-faced experience I found bewildering. For one thing, no one on the network you’re using—not even the person who controls it—can intercept or read your web traffic. If you frequently use the airport or coffee shop Wi-Fi, this is a critical level of protection. Once activated, a VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a server controlled by the VPN company.

While PPTP and L2TP extend compatibility to mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc. At least once a day, and often more often my connection to my chosen server is dropped and it will not connect for an hour or more. Choosing a different server sometimes fixes the problem, but often times not. Clearly not all servers allow torrenting so they should also specify that more clearly. If you’re planning to use this VPN for torrenting or Netflix – their performance won’t cut it. That means if you don’t want to prepay for a few months, you won’t get access to their shared IP that is spread across all users to hide or mask your actions.

We encrypt your Internet traffic with unbreakable 256 bits AES encryption, keeping privacy intruders at bay. When it comes to privacy in Internet, there are lions and there are lambs. Unless you use a VPN service all your traffic flies through the cyber space naked and vulnerable. From your Internet supplier to public WiFi hackers, there is always someone after your data. Our ratings are the result of an objective and independent evaluation of VPNArea, generating the final rating that reflects the overall quality of the company.

vpnarea review

With closer servers, it was literally like we weren’t even running a VPN. We didn’t experience any speed drops or sudden disconnects, meaning the company really provides what it promises. On the US servers, however, we regularly experienced higher upload than download speeds, which is something that doesn’t happen all that often. All in all, excellent performance without disconnects and little to no speed drops. The only con I came across is that they do not offer any free trial.

  • This is because Switzerland is not a European Union member, which means that they’re not obliged to keep logs of users’ activity, as opposed to EU members.
  • With this feature, you can split the subscription cost with others.
  • The final thing worth noting that VPNArea offers are some specialized servers.
  • A representative of VPNArea assured me that the company does not log data on its servers.

If you read the FAQ section of the official website, you’ll quickly notice that VPNArea states that the company is not really an internet service provider. VPN services who are serious about your privacy and anonymity always offer the kill switch feature. Modern VPN services not only cover users on a single device, but they cover them by supporting multiple devices. We also wondered about VPNArea’s stated preference for physical servers, so we decided to use the 24/7 LiveChat. An agent connected before we could finish typing our question.

Other than that, we think that you should atleast try VPNArea. The VPN industry is full of providers competing to become the world’s best. We create VPN reviews to help our readers out in picking the right VPN for their needs. The service was launched back in 2012 and has been growing ever since. What does VPNArea have to offer in terms of privacy, security, and unblocking capabilities?

This is another advantage of using VPNArea for torrenting, in addition to their offshore jurisdiction and zero logs policy. Considering all factors, VPNArea is currently one of the best VPNs for torrenting and P2P filesharing. Changing the settings and connecting to a VPN server is simple and intuitive.

Some VPN providers will keep logs of basic activities for a temporary amount of time in order to better improve the service. For example, they’ll track how many people are using the service over the course of the thirty days and monitor when people are logging in or out. In short, 256-bit encryption is used by top governments around the world. And it’ll make sure your VPN connection is safe and secure.

As mentioned before, Switzerland isn’t exactly VPN heaven when it comes to data retention laws. The other thing you should know about dedicated IP with a private VPN server is that it isn’t available to everyone. Because with a dedicated IP server, it is simpler for authorities to link back the account activity to you.